From remote monitoring to state-of-the-art web services and data-driven solutions.  PrintFleet® software and services provide a complete system designed to collect, store, analyze, share and use critical device data to power your success.

PrintFleet solutions support user-friendly access to the most accurate and reliable device data in the industry.

Harness the value in your data. Bring more services and more value to your customers while simultaneously driving cost out of your business. Be better informed. Be more competitive in every deal. Take advantage of the growing number of third-party applications, service and fulfillment solutions available to your business.

Welcome to the Internet of Printers.

PrintFleet’s Data Collector Agent (DCA) software application, whether installed on a non-dedicated server, at a client location or resident in the firmware of a print device, collects critical meter, performance and supplies level data directly from each device at customizable intervals.

Once the data is collected it is sent to the database server, where it is easily accessible to end users, dealers and partners via web services and customized web portals. Access to the system is controlled via user based security protocols.

PrintFleet’s Local Print Agent (LPA) offers the ability to track printing from locally connected printing devices by collecting information directly from the device.

PrintFleet Optimizer


Develop Proactive Supplies and Service Programs. Create status alerts based on event and occurrence thresholds, triggers, standard and vendor error codes, and even LCD screen text.

Robust alert functionality allows visibility into performance issues and device status before problems arise and impact end user experience.

Generate a single alert to notify you at event start and event end, allowing for better management of the customer print environment , or choose to be notified when selected alert conditions happen multiple times over a specified time period. The use of occurrence thresholds helps to avoid sending your technician for trivial issues (such as a paper jam), allowing you to dispatch a technician only when problem thresholds are met.

Proactive data-driven service increases device uptime, reduces inventory, improves first call resolution rates and, ultimately, ensures a great end user experience.


Easily create customized reports, without any specialized training.  Improve your decision making capabilities with detailed reports, displayed in a variety of formats.

Reports can be scheduled to keep you informed of when and where your customers require supplies or service the most. These customizable reports can be sent automatically to one or more designated email recipients or downloaded on demand directly from the web interface.

Device Locations and M​ap

You can easily import an image of an office floor plan, and place the devices in their actual locations. Use this as a consulting tool to reallocate, consolidate, replace, or retire devices, optimize fleets or to simply quickly locate a particular device.

The location map also provides a quick overview of device status with flashing indicators that show device status.

Customizable Device Vie​ws

PrintFleet® offers several different views of device data, allowing you to see the information you want - how you want to see it.

There are four views, including:

  • Technical View; Provides basic information about devices, including the name, supplies status, device status, yesterday meter count, serial number, IP address, location, and last active date.
  • Supplies Order View; Displays supplies-related information, including toner levels or status. Supplies can also be ordered from the Supplies Order View.
  • Alerts View; Displays the customer name, number of devices that have recent alerts, and a link to view alert details for each device.
  • Maps View; Upload images of your office floor plans, then use them to place images of printing devices, computing devices, people, and other miscellaneous items. PrintFleet automatically updates the status of the devices, allowing you to quickly identify and locate devices requiring attention.
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