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The PrintFleet® mission is to provide timely, reliable data to enable automation of processes and high-value applications for the global imaging industry.

Data-driven automation is making things faster, better, less expensive and more efficient. Through enabling supply chain efficiencies and providing a platform for streamlining business and service processes we generate exceptional value for our customers.


Founded in 2003, PrintFleet® was incorporated as a stand-alone company in 2005. At the time, Brian Cosgrove, our Founder and Chairman, also owned Multi-Laser, a remanufactured toner company.

Recognizing that there was value in being able to determine which toners were in demand, Brian hired a small team of devoted developers to design a software system to capture, analyze and report on key device metrics from networked printers and multi-function devices.

Today, PrintFleet specializes in the development of data-driven device management and assessment software solutions, as well as training, business development and support programs for dealers, distributors and manufacturers in the imaging industry.

As the first company to offer a rapid assessment tool, a comprehensive dealer hosted remote print monitoring application, and various professional development and training programs, we are the leader in the print management arena.

Managing over 3.5 billion pages monthly, worldwide, we offer unparalleled data collection, data integrity and back end support within our family of print management software solutions ranging from simple rapid assessment to advanced, independently hosted device management. PrintFleet software, coupled with our award winning sales, marketing and technical support programs, empower dealers to build stronger customer relationships while evolving their overall corporate value.

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