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Embedded DCA

Same functionality, simple activation.

PrintFleet’s Embedded Data Collection Agent (DCA) utilizes the same data collection capabilities as our traditional DCA to report meter reads and other data from both the public and private Management Information Base (MIB) of 25,000+ devices currently in our model database. Like our PC and server-based DCA, the Embedded DCA communicates meter reads, device-status information, consumables levels and other relevant information from the client site without the need for DCA installation. The DCA comes built-in on the device and simply needs to be enabled to begin collecting valuable, actionable information about the device.

The solution is ideal for the SMB and SOHO markets which have been largely overlooked due to the perceived cost/benefit ratio of managed print services (MPS). The Embedded DCA delivers features such as customised reports, alerts and error reporting, and can be integrated with PrintFleet’s LINK solution to provide automated supplies fulfillment.

The Embedded DCA was designed for small and medium-sized print environments that require a simple, intuitive device management tool but a server-based DCA is not practical or cost-effective.
  • Easy DCA deployment
  • Unparalleled device information collected
  • Compatible with existing Dealer, Distributor and OEM programs

Our embedded DCA is currently available on most Samsung XOA devices. If you would like to add our DCA to your line of devices, contact us today.

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