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Traditional DCA

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Our traditional Data Collection Agent (DCA) was born out of an idea to determine which toners were in demand. When PrintFleet was first founded in 2003, a small team of devoted developers were hired to design a software system that could capture, analyze and report on key metrics from networked printers and multifunction print devices. The end result was our DCA.

Since 2003, we have expanded the capabilities of our traditional DCA (DCA 4.x and earlier), responding to market changes and improvements in technology. Some of the features PrintFleet has developed over the years to enhance the usability and quality of our traditional DCA include:

  • Dynamic views of the metric history of a device which allows users to overlay meters and supplies in graph format
  • A simplified installer with embedded server URL and PIN
  • The ability to remotely configure DCA scan settings
  • Improvements to PrintFleet’s Heuristic Match algorithm
  • Valuable reports such as the Toner Swap History report which allows users to see all cartridge replacements of devices within a given group over a specified time period

Our traditional DCA works seamlessly alongside DCA Pulse, our latest Data Collection Agent.

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