LINK Enabled Solutions


Connect your devices to the service provider of your choice. By sending device data, including real-time alerts, directly to your provider you will be able to offer customized service level agreements, and ensure that those devices are repaired quickly and efficiently.


Benchmark your solutions compared to the market at large. Find areas in which to improve, use as differentiation, or areas which you should no longer focus on. You already collect all the data now put it to work for you in your strategic decision making.


Connect your devices directly to solutions providers and automate supplies fulfillment for your customers. Choose the right partner based on device manufacturer, customer location or specific service offerings.


Provide your customer the most accurate, reliable assessment to begin your journey together by installing a DCA and sending the data to any number of systems for a complete picture of the environment.


Streamline your invoicing using the connectedness of all your leasing partners, devices, service, and supply providers.

Third-Party Integrations

With the proliferation of data, any number of unique solutions can be accessed. Currently available as one of the unique solutions is the ability to make a green choice, with a global network of reforestation projects. Learn more here!

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