PrintFleet QuickAssess

The Key to MPS

A rapid data collection tool for simple and accurate assessments of your prospect or customer’s print environment. Built off of the latest version of our industry-leading Data Collection Agent (DCA), the PrintFleet QuickAssess key:

  • Provides a detailed snapshot of the print environment, gathering data for billing, supply and service management
  • Enables a comparison of data from two separate snapshots
  • Allows you to filter data and create unique views for your assessment needs
  • Generates data to export in a simple CSV file


QuickAssess comes in a simple and convenient USB format that can be custom branded for your MPS program. The key works with any managed print program and there is no software install required.

QuickAssess collects the most comprehensive set of data available, including meter reads with breakdowns (colour, mono, copies, prints), toner and non-toner supply levels, device status, vendor error codes, serial numbers, manufacturers, firmware and MAC address.     

Download our QuickAssess brochure:

PrintFleet QuickAssess | The Key to MPS

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